Spagetti Boloignese with some spice

Ramuan / Bahan

5 large bombay onions diced
5 large tomatoes diced
6 pieces of chicken breast cut diced
2 tbsp chilli/paprika powder
i tin kimball tomato soup
2 tins of water
i small bowl of grated cheddar cheese
1 packet of maggi spagetti boloignese
1 packet of spaggeti noodles


Cook spagetti noodles according to directions. Drain and set aside. Then in a deep pot saute onions in some oil till soft. Then add the diced tomatoes. When tomatoes have turned soft add chicken which had been mixed with paprika powder into this. Cook till oil separates from chiclen. Now add the Maggi perencah and cook awhile. Finally add tomato soup with 2 tins of water. Let it boil then reduce and simmer for 15 minutes. Before turning off fire add cheese and salt to taste.