Breaded Soya Cake Extravaganza

Ramuan / Bahan

Part 1
5 pcs white tofu
100gm bread crumb
50gm nestum
100gm dried baby shrimp (Udang kepai)
1 egg white
2 cups cooking oil

Part 2
10 dried chillies
1 cup cooking oil
2 cloves garlic
3 table spoons vinegar
1 table spoon lea & perrin
2 table spoon shrimp paste
250gm deep fried peanut(coursely pounded)
calamansi skin ( julliene)
calamansi juice from 5 fruits
1 cup water
3 table spoon sugar
salt to taste

Part 3
Corriander leaves
1 red chilles
1 green chilles
bell pepper


Part 1
Cut tofu into half. Coat tofu with egg white and nestum, bread crumb, baby shrimp mix. Deep fry tofu in preheated cooking oil until golden brown. Set to cool on wire rack.

Part 2
stir fry dried chillies until crispy, pound in mortar to powder. mix together with garlic,sugar,salt,vinegar,lea & perrin,shrimp paste,peanut,calamansi juice,calamansi skin & water.

Part 3
Finely Julliene red & green chillies,Corriander leaves. Cube bell pepper to medium size.