Bamiah Beefballs

Ramuan / Bahan

minced beef 1kg
big red onions 500g
tomato 500g
potatoes to your liking
ginger inch
garlic 4-5 cloves
chili paste 2tbsp
water cup
egg whites of 2 eggs
black soya sauce 1tbsp
meat curry powder 3tbsp
salt and pepper to taste
grounded spices powder to taste
tomato puree 1 small can
parsley enough to garnish
fries shallots enough to garnish


1.blend 3 onions,the garlic and the ginger into a paste and add curry powder
2.dice the rest of the onions,tomatoes and potatoes
3.add 3tbsp of onions,pepper,salt,spices and soya sauce to the beef and mix well
4.take 2-3tbsp of the mixture and shape it.repeat till the mixture is used up
(curry gravy)
5.saute the chili paste till the fragrance is out then add the blended paste and do the same
6.add in the remaining onions.once the onions are half-cooked,add in the tomatoes.once tomatoes are half cooked,add in potatoes,water and puree
7.when potatoes are soft and cooked,slowly dip the beefballs into the egg white and put it into the curry, careful not to overlap them
8.leave to cook over a slow fire and do not stir at all.