Spicy Black Tempeh

Ramuan / Bahan

tempeh 2 wraps
anchovies 1 handful
dark soya sauce(kicap manis) to taste
red onions/shallots 1-2 according to size
garlic 1clove
chillies to your liking
oil to fry


1.dice the tempeh and fry till is lightly brown and crispy.
2.slice the onion,garlic and chillies thinly.
3.fry the anchovies till they are really golden brown crispy and drain out the oil.
4.in another wok, saute the onions,garlic and chillies till fragrant.
5.add in the tempeh and soya sauce to your preference.
6.add in the anchovies and stir till all is mixed well.
7.serve hot.