Algerian Pudding

Ramuan / Bahan

1.Cream Crakers
2.Cooking Chocolate
3.Corn Flour


1.Mix cold water with sugar and milk to make it milky.Add corn flour (4 big spoons)or till its thick.
2.Put it on the stove and keep stirring
3. Meanwhile cut chocolate tho small pieces.
4.You can add more sugar according to your taste.
5.Add the chocolate to the mixture till it looks like chocolate milk.
6.Stir till the mixuter is thick
7.Place the creamn crackers on plate close together
8. Wait till the mixture cools
9.Place the pudding on the crackers and make layers
10. After that on top of it decorate with crushed biscuits and chocolate pieces.
11.Leave in the fridge to cool down