Fruit Cocktail Trifle Pudding

Ramuan / Bahan


1 Sponge cake (as the base of the pudding)
2 tins of fruit cocktail
85 grams of Jelly Crystals
1 tin of Evaporated milk



1.Put the cake as a base in any big bowl until it fully covers the base.
2.Separate the cocktail fruit and simply put them in the bowl.
3.Pour the cocktail juice in a pan and the evaporated milk into another pan and heat them up separately for about 3 minutes.
4.Pour half of the jelly crystals into each pan and cook them up for about 2 minutes.
5.After that, the mixtures can be poured evenly into the bowl full of fruits.
6.Let it be under the room temperature for about half an hour.

It is now ready to be served.